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GDPR Training Course

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EMPDCC’s GDPR Compliance course is intended to provide you the tools, knowledge base, and in-depth guidance on the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

GDPR, which took effect in May of 2018, has significantly changed the way in which enterprises collect, process, store, maintain, and alter personal information related to any person within the European Union. These changes create liability on the part of any enterprise that is involved in the chain of custody of data and requires granular alterations to existing technological and network infrastructures.

With EMPDCC’s Compliance course you will find out how to:

  • Achieve an understanding of the whole regulation on both the technical side and legal side;
  • Know which articles apply to your organization;
  • Learn how to design a response that meets regulatory requirements;
  • Stay in compliance;
  • Build customers’ confidence;
  • Gain the knowledge to become a GDPR-ready privacy pro or the certified Data Protection Officer which so many organizations will need.

Every participant will receive educational materials and helpful worksheets related to the requirements of GDPR. You will also have an option to take a Certification Exam after attending the in-person sessions.

GDPR Training and Certification Course

  • Our two day GDPR training course will give you all the necessary tools and knowledge to be a Data Protection Officer.
  • Upon completion of this course, you will be eligible to sit for a certification exam that is prepared by our team, including members of the XPAN Law group and EMP DCC.
  • Ask us about hotel discounted rates.
$4250 For The Full Course
  • Our course is for companies that need their staff conversant in GDPR. It is primarily aimed at Data Protection Officers, IT legal professionals, and IT professionals who need to understand their corporate and professional obligations under GDPR.
  • Just because the GDPR law was passed in Europe, American companies are still obligated to comply if they do business in the EU or with an EU company.
  • More American states (i.e. California) are passing their own versions of the GDPR (CCPA “California Consumer Protection Act”).

Our course is two days long

  •   Day One:

    • What is the historical background of data privacy in Europe.
    • The first steps of GDPR compliance – data discovery and assessment.
    • Rights of Data Subjects under GDPR.
    • Designing your infrastructure: How to comply with GDPR.
  •     Day Two

    • Data protection by design: Security architecture, risks and defense.
    • Security incidence and breach response.
    • International data transfers; what are your legal and technical obligations?
    • GDPR governance and administration.
    • Certification exam.
  • Two 8 hour classes over 2 consecutive days.
  • 2 breakfast’s, 2 lunches, 2 dinners.
  • Handouts, pamphlets, and notes on the coursework/lessons as well as digital versions.
  • GDPR required knowledge.
  • Ask us about hotel discounted rates.

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